Yoga and Healing


Yoga is a proven technique devised 3500 years ago by Hindu sages. It helps keep one youthful, healthy and tranquil. Yogi Deepti studied Yoga since childhood for 15 years with a Guruji in Bangalore, India.


She offers lessons in breathing, proven to help alleviate allergies, sleep disorders and high blood pressure.


Yoga makes you healthy and energetic. It can help you stay youthful and supple. Many illnesses can be prevented with Yoga and with the attitude of  "mind over matter, spirit over mind and all three in perfect balance and harmony" can be a miraculous therapy.

Student notes
"Yogi Deepti is an extraordinary teacher of Yoga. I loved her pacing and dedication to help me become aware of my true Self through her classes". 
Christine McLaughLin, Artist,
Los Angeles.
Yogi Deepti will help you heal yourself.


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Call her at: +91-80-23610330 / 23612064.


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