Psychic Counseling


Yogi Deepti offers online consultations for personality development, spiritual growth, relationship issues and career issues.


Career Issues:  Yogi Deepti offers expert advice on career development and growth based on innate auric patterns and palmistry insights.


Personal problems:   Her penetrating insight can offer help with your   problems.


Relationship issues:  Are you in the right relationship? Have you found your soulmate? Consult Yogi Deepti for her accurate and insightful predictions. Deepti has made accurate predictions of weddings, love relationships and career growth and prevented mishaps from occurring.


If you wish to change careers, homes, move to a different city - Consult Yogi Deepti for, she can with her knowledge of palmistry lead you to deep insights into your energy vibrations and help you make the right decision.


Yogi Deepti offers consultations in Bangalore and the San Francisco Bay Area. She teaches Meditation, Healing Breathing and Yoga for clients. She is available for psychic consultations on the telephone, in person and on e-mail. 


E-mail her at

Call her at: +91-80-23610330 / 23612064.  

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