Pranic Healing


Yogi Deepti is a gifted mystic with healing abilities. She performs             pranic healing with guidance from spirit guides.


She has healed many patients in Los Angeles and San Francisco. She brings supernatural forces to help the body and the mind's natural abilities to heal.


Clients Note

"Your ability to sense and visually see events before they occur is a great gift. You described many events in my path before they unfolded."
- Bella, Bay Area, California

"I am writing to express my sincere appreciation for your kindness and concern during a very difficult period in my life. Your readings helped me to regain my faith and self-confidence when I was feeling overwhelmed. I could tell during my very first sessions with you that you are a very gifted psychic and healer. You quickly made me feel at ease and I felt that I could trust you. Many times all of us have felt vulnerable and frightened. Meeting you helped me to focus on the positive and you have helped me to restore my feeling of hope about the future. Hopefully many others will have the opportunity to work with you. I am extremely grateful for the time that you spent with me."    
- Dr. Pat West James, MD, Psychiatrist, Los Angeles

"Thank you for the nobility of your teachings. You like Mercury are surely a messenger of God's great works."
- Yvonne Walter, San Francisco

"You predicted many events in my life accurately. Deepti is a gifted, intuitive individual whose ability to access universal knowledge can greatly assist any one seeking to fulfill their life's potential, or just to understand themselves better".                                                                                                     - Jane Mangan, San Francisco.                                       


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