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Yogi Deepti originally from India and a resident of California offers intuitive, psychic and spiritual guidance.


Yogi Deepti studied Palmistry and Vedic Numerology for 14 years in India and practised for twelve years in India and the United States.



The lines and shape of your palm and fingers reveal your personality and future path. In ancient times, nearly 3500 years ago, Hindu sages intuitively formulated a study of the lines on the palm and concluded that the lines and general study of the palm revealed many characteristics of a person.


Your palm is a metaphor of the map of your life. Life on Earth is only one plane of existence. There are many other planes of being such as the celestial world, world of divine spirits, the astral world and the world of fallen spirits.


Palmistry can be seen as an imprint of your personality and each individual has his/her own palm print, unique to oneself.


Palmistry is related to Vedic Astrology. The palm is an indication of astrological influences in your birth chart.  By studying your palm, she can help you attain balance and alignment of your subtle 'Chakras'.


'Chakras' are subtle invisible energy centers along the spine revealed to Yogis.


By reading your palm, Yogi Deepti will guide you to inner awareness, harmony and prosperity.


Yogi Deepti works with you to find the right gem stone for your aura which can act as a therapy. Having researched Palmistry for fourteen years, Yogi Deepti can assess your strengths and help you overcome your weaknesses. 


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